Why NSF Certification Matters.

The food service equipment in your kitchen is the beating heart of your business. If you’re an experienced operator, you know that proper cleaning and maintenance is crucial to keep your equipment running. It’s also worth thinking about what you use to clean & sanitize, and which solutions are best for your needs.

Who is NSF?

NSF is a public health and safety organization, considered by many to be the gold standard for safety certification in the world of food service. For over 75 years, they’ve developed rigorous public health standards that help protect the world’s food, water, consumer products and environment. They also specialize in commercial food service applications, applying their certifications to things like food equipment, cleaning & sanitizing solutions, and more.

What is NSF Certification/Registration?nsf_logo_blue (1) 

Equipment that is NSF Certified means it complies with the strict NSF standards and procedures. This includes comprehensive testing to thoroughly evaluate its safety for public use. NSF Registered products are solutions that are regularly tested and re-tested to ensure they continue to meet the high standards required for continued registration. These standards are developed in part to meet or exceed local and federal health codes. 

Why the NSF Program Matters.

As a food service operator, the safety of your customers and employees should always be top of mind. NSF approval has become the benchmark by which equipment and products are measured industry-wide. Using equipment and products bearing the NSF mark is a big step towards ensuring your business stays clean and keeps your customers safe.

We at Purdy Products work closely with our food service equipment partners to help them attain NSF certification for new equipment. Using NSF registered products such as Stera-Sheen Green Label goes a long way toward ensuring NSF certification.

Our NSF Registered Products

Several of our solutions are NSF registered, including Stera-Sheen Green Label, Stera-Sheen Red Label, Sani-Tea, and most recently Stera-Sheen Grill Cleaner!